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We efficiently deliver high quality digital content.


Whether we’re partnering with a lead agency, or working directly with a business, our focus is on on making the work as effective as possible. First, we want to do work that works for the client – we’re here to get results for them. Second, we want the project to run as efficiently as possible.


We’ve recently delivered work for brands including Aviva, Novartis, Traidcraft, the United Nations, plus many smaller concerns and several major NGOs. Going back further and we can add brands from Santander to Star Wars. Most of our current clients are in London and New York, though we’ve also worked with and for people as far afield as Bogotá and Bangkok.


The following twelve examples give a taste of what we can do, and what we have done. Click on each to learn what we have done for other people, and contact us to find out what we can do for you.

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Efficient and effective digital projects,
delivered for agencies, NGOs and businesses.

Latest Blog Posts

Costs of Choosing A Web Agency

I'm often asked "how much will X cost?" How much is a web site, an online calculator, an ecommerce implementation, a CRM integration...? But then I have to break the sad news that the journey, not the destination, costs the real money. Of course the size and quality of the thing has a big impact on price, but the way the commissioning organization needs to operate, not the thing they are asking for, is the real driver of cost. And this is where organizations, by changing their behaviour, can get much more cost effective work.  This is an issue

“You Will Find A Way!” Really?

I recently found this gem on LinkedIn : "I never get tired of saying this to my Team. If you really want to do something you will find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse….." And I have to say, this is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard in my entire life.  So, here's the deal: someone in the team comes to me and says "We can't do X, because...."  How do I react? Do I tell them they are making excuses, they just need to try harder - and implicitly if X

Why “Little Bits of Work” Are Poison

Many organizations may have "little bits" of digital work that need to be done - on their websites, for example. But they may find that either nobody wants to do the work, the prices seem too steep, or the quality ends up being bad. Why is this?  The reality is that, for any established agency, for a small team such as ours, or even for a freelancer, these "little bits of work" are poison. The following should help to explain why.  You think you know the solution?  First, when someone puts forward a requirement which they say is "a

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We’re always happy to hear from other people with an interest in great digital work. Maybe you’re a creative, PR, or marketing agency looking for ways to deliver great content for your clients. Maybe you’re a business or NGO looking for pragmatic, effective, agency-quality work. Maybe you’re an inspired designer, coder, WP admin, image manipulation expert or other genius looking for freelance projects. In any of these cases, lets get in touch.


Contact Kevin (who organizes Agency Mai’s work) on:

  • Email: kevin[dot]hassall[at]agencymai[dot]com
  • Skype: kevin.hassall
  • Or phone us on Kevin’s London number or UK mobile (numbers on request)
Meeting Up

We’re also always happy to get social in the old fashioned way – face to face – and Kevin will be, at various points this year, in:

  • Cambridge (UK),
  • London (UK),
  • Ljubljana (Slovenia),
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  • … and probably a few other places.